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Our team works tirelessly to provide the best service to our clients.

LEM REAL ESTATE has many years of experience in the real estate purchase, selling and investing sector on the Costa del Sol. All these years have allowed us to acquire the necessary specialisation and sensibility in order to offer a professional consulting and the best and most complete customer service to our clients.

Property purchase and selling is based on trust, and that is something that we always provide to our customers, whether they are buyers or sellers. It is a process that involves important decisions that imply a high economic value. LEM REAL ESTATE accompanies you from the very start so you can understand and feel comfortable with all the protocols. Our real estate experts will monitor all the process and be in close contact with the customer in order to assure that the property selling or purchase process is successful.

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Our promise

LEM REAL ESTATE is a company made by a multidisciplinary team of real estate professionals, lawyers and architects, amongst others. Our team is capable of negotiating with fluency and of managing all the necessary documentation involved in the sale and purchase process at the public administration.

As an accredited agency, we provide real estate consulting and specialised technical advice. Whether you would like to invest and obtain profitability or you are looking for the best residential property in the best area, we will serve you with the expected interest and professionality.

As simple as that. We will take charge of everything.


We are specialists

Our investment experts are continuously up-to-date on the information and the opportunities that could appear on the market and in contact with important groups and investors that can help negotiate and facilitate a difficult transaction or one where you would like to take part in.

We take care of everything

All in all, LEM REAL ESTATE is the company that works on property sale, purchase and investment that you were looking for. Our team is professional, prepared and aware of the fact that relationships are based on understanding our customers’ needs and interests, and that trust and communication are the basis of any business.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know what your needs and wishes are, and what you are looking for. Whether you are a buyer, an owner or an investor, our team will analyse your case in particular and a designated real estate expert will accompany you during the whole process.

We suggest you visit the following sections on our web. On them you will find information on the protocols involved in a property purchase and sale process.



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